The New You Challenge


Last month, many employees participated in a company wellness program, the New You Challenge. The challenge went on for four weeks. Each day, we had the possibility of earning 6 points. For every item that we achieved, we received a point. Below are the items we were challenged to do:

Here are some testimonials from our participants in the challenge:

“I decided to do the Challenge because I’m always up for a “Challenge”. I have a bit of a competitive nature (grew up with brothers – no sisters, so I had to prove myself all of the time). I’m glad I did the challenge, because it made me pay attention to doing healthy things, and I lost 3 pounds, which was a good start to get back on track toward a healthy lifestyle. Being on the road more has made it harder to watch those calories, but with the challenge, I found myself stopping at Grocery Stores for lunch options instead of Fast Food. I would walk a few laps around the store (steps, steps, steps), and pick up some fruit or some veggies for lunch. The steps were easier during the week for me because I walk around the plants so much. I also took every opportunity to get in more steps. I parked at the far end of parking lots, walked out to the far end of the plant yards, etc. Saturdays were easy too, we’re pretty active on the weekends. Some Sundays were a bit of a challenge getting steps, but I volunteered for any chance to walk around, and did laps of the parking lot between church service and bible study class…….I did get a few strange looks. I really liked doing the gratitude journal, and I’ve kept doing it as well as trying to keep up on all of the challenge items. I’ve kept trying to get to bed early so I get the 7 hours of sleep, and I left the exercise bike in the living room and still ride it every evening at least 30-40 minutes. If you’re watching TV, you may as well peddle for some of it! I have a fitbit and I still try to get 10K a day.” – Helen, the ultimate winner of the challenge

“One thing I got out of the challenge was eating more fruits and vegetables. Before the challenge I was lucky to get 1 fruit/vegetable per day. Now I’m getting 4-5 servings/day.”

“I found myself walking laps in my apartment just to get my steps in some nights. I hope it motivated others in the company, even in the smallest way.”

“Getting a fitbit watch to monitor daily steps was very beneficial in helping me achieve my daily goals of 10,000+ steps on a daily basis.”

“The New You Challenge made me more conscious of how active I was and how many fruits and vegetables I was eating per day. When packing my lunch and planning my meals each day, I still count how many servings of fruits or vegetables I will be eating that day.”

This challenge was beneficial to Kamps. It made our employees more conscious of being physically fit and all around healthy. Kamps challenges your company to establish a wellness program. You won’t be sorry!

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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