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Finding a strong supplier that has wood pallets for sale is a line item that should be at the top of every warehouse / purchasing / mro employee’s list. The products your company produces or uses rely on pallets for protection and transportation. Simply put, pallets move the world. While a quick google search can provide a long list of organizations willing to step up to the plate, there is only one pallet manufacturer suited to meet your expectations and demands – Kamps Pallets.

From our unwavering commitment to customer service to our innovative approach to pallet recycling, we are the premier pallet supplier for businesses large and small.

Below are the top 5 benefits of buying pallets from Kamps.

We are “Your Platform for Customer Service”


Just like in everything that we do, customer service comes first.

“Your Platform for Customer Service” is more than just a tagline at Kamps, it is a way of life. From our pallet builders to our customer service and sales team, our employees stay hyper-focused on our customers and their needs – at all times.

We do this because we:

  • Realize the importance pallets play in your supply chain
  • Appreciate the impact pallets make on your end customer
  • Value and appreciate your time and business

Our superior customer service takes form in various ways. First, our sales teams act more like consultants than “sales” members. They are knowledgeable in all areas of wood pallets and are true experts in the industry. This ensures that the products we provide for you are the perfect fit for your business and products; including the type of wood used, weight support, and pallet dimensions.

Through these initiatives we have built a company that is a platform for customer service and wood pallets; and one that successfully manages over 100 million wooden pallets per year while boasting a 99.9% on-time delivery rate and A+ customer satisfaction.

Strong National Network


At Kamps Pallets, we pride ourselves on the strength of our national network. We have over 100 strategically placed locations nationwide. These locations live and breathe the Kamps Pallets way. That means that the repair, building, and inspection process is standardized and completed the same way. This is extremely important for businesses with multiple locations across the U.S. These businesses expect and deserve the same quality of service and product across the board; and with Kamps Pallets that is exactly what we achieve.

Our strong national network also helps ensure that we are always prepared for sudden increases in demand, or any other challenges that may arise. We can pull resources for all of these locations. Having these resources at their fingertips, our pallet experts can then devise a strategy that will allow us to overcome any challenge – on any scale.

Kamps Locations National Network Map

Consultative Approach to Selling & Buying Pallets


When you work with Kamps, you are not just buying pallets from us. We work together with you to help build an optimized pallet program that increases the value of your supply chain as a whole.

Every new Kamps customer (big or small) receives the same consultative approach and amount of attention from our pallet experts. Our signature consultative approach to doing pallets starts with our pallet experts analyzing five key areas:

  1. Your Current Program
  2. Room for improvement and current areas of risk
  3. Your Expectations
  4. Products Being Shipped
  5. Your Logistics and Distribution: Including warehouse size, location, and where products are being shipped to

Once these key areas have been identified, our experts will work with our operations and manufacturing specialists to develop a pallet program tailor-made to your business’ needs.

After a pallet program has been developed and executed, our pallet experts will conduct regular business reviews with you and your team. These business reviews cover our performance for the past period and future outlook. Our performance overview relies on data and KPIs that are collected and tracked by Kamps throughout the period. The future outlook portion of our business review highlights any areas of improvement, new developments in yours or our business, and helps develop a strategy for the future. This entire process not only holds us accountable but also guarantees that your pallet program will always be optimized with Kamps.

A Pallet Program for the 21st Century


Our programs can be best described as decades of elite pallet expertise combined with forward-thinking innovation. These innovations are manifested in the way our operations are executed, and how we interact with our customers.

Our innovative approach to manufacturing pallets and recycling them raises the quality of service and products we can offer.

For example: a few years ago, Kamps Pallets partnered with a mid-western automation company to develop a proprietary machine that allowed us to dismantle and harvest tens of thousands of wood pallet components per day. Raising our efficiency on a process as important as pallet dismantling allows Kamps to build remanufactured pallets as a much faster rate, improve overall quality of product, and improve the overall level of customer service we provide to our remanufactured pallet customers.

With regard to data management, Kamps Pallets offers a robust suite of data management and reporting tools via our Kamps portal. Our portal allows customers to get an in-depth view of their pallet program with Kamps – on-demand. Never was it easier to have a transparent and up-to-date view of your pallet program at your fingertips. Our customer service and sales team review this data for accuracy, and use it during our regular business review discussions and continuous improvement strategy sessions. Proprietary IT systems and personnel keep all of this data protected and easily accessible.

Wood Pallets are Recyclable and Green


Buying pallets from Kamps also sets your business up for future success within the green sustainability realm. Our wooden pallets are inherently renewable and sustainable. Wood is a product that we at Kamps cherish and use to its fullest extent.

New wood is used to build new wooden pallets. Once these pallets reach a point where they are no longer usable, or up to our standards, we will either repair or dismantle the pallet. A pallet is dismantled only when it reaches a point where repairs will no longer be sufficient to ensure that it is up to our standards and will pass our inspection process.

During the pallet dismantling process, we harvest each piece of wood from the pallet by first running the pallet through either a single or double manned bandsasw. The bandsaw surgically separates the deckboards from the stringers and allows our employees to collect the pieces in a safe and efficient manner. Once these components are collected they are trimmed to optimal lengths and sorted based on size. These pieces re-enter the manufacturing process at Kamps and are used to build re-manufactured pallets.

The components that are harvested that cannot be re-used are fed to our Wood Resource Division. Our Wood Resource Division will grind these components down and utilize them to create high quality mulch, bark, and other functional wood products.

In-Depth Pallet Dismantling Process Video

Every year, over 100,000,000 million pallets moved through this process at Kamps. These figures are not just numbers, they are a direct positive impact on the sustainability of our planet. Because of our recycling efforts – Kamps, together with our customers, had the following impact on our Earth:

Read NWPCA’s full report on the Life Cycle Assessment of U.S. Wood Pallet Production

Read Our Environmental Sustainability Report

The world around us continues to change, find out how Kamps' innovative spirit is helping us meet sustainability goals and how we can help your organization reach its own.

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