Why Schedule Business Reviews with Your Pallet Suppliers?

Why Schedule Business Reviews with Your Pallet Suppliers


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Are You Making the Most of Your Supply Chain Partnerships?

As Ben Gomes-Casseres wrote in his Harvard Business Review article, “Setting up an external partnership as if it were a PO [purchase order], at best, leaves value on the table. At worst, it leads to conflict and value destruction.” That’s exactly why Kamps team members are focused on becoming more than just the pallet supplier to our customers. We commit to building relationships through regular business reviews and open communication lines.

What Goes into a Business Review?

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We kick off our business reviews with an overview of our company. This isn’t to brag or present a sales pitch, but to give our customers confidence in the strength and stability of Kamps. Just as we proactively seek new opportunities and value for our clients, we do the same for ourselves.

But when it comes down to it, our business reviews are to talk about our relationship with you. We take both a qualitative and quantitative approach to this. Our quantitative review starts with the basics like budget allocations and year-over-year comparisons.

We also evaluate service expectations, such as how orders are placed, expected turn-around time, trailer requirements and other priorities associated with our partnership. We analyze our own service performance as well, and aim for 99% on-time delivery. During review, we let you know whether we hit or missed the mark.

After that, we move into reporting qualitative data with a quantitative analysis. This portion of the report includes a review of our performance, including incidents, billing, quality and more. When talking about quality, it’s important to provide context along with the numbers.  For example, should ever be a quality control issue, we want customers to know why it happened and what actions we took to correct it so they are confident it won’t be an issue again.

Bonus: Green Scorecard

Our wood resources are precious and we aim to make the most of them. In addition to the raw data and qualitative analysis, our business reviews also include our Green Scorecard. We track how our focus on sustainability translates into environmental savings for your company.  Whether it’s through reconditioning, recycling or pallet pooling, our logistics choices have an impact on the environment. By keeping accurate records, both our company and yours can see just how efficiently Kamps utilizes our natural resources.

Benefits for Your Business

Our business reviews are a great time to ask questions and relay information that may influence your supply chain needs. Is a new location opening? Do you have new products with specific shipping requirements? We want our reviews to be a dialogue rather than presentation. Let us know what’s most important to you so we can exceed your expectations.

Most importantly, regular business reviews are a tremendous help when budgeting and planning for the next year, especially as we enter Q4. When you chose Kamps Pallets as your pallet management company, you are gaining a partner who is invested in the growth and success of your company. In addition to assessing our past performance and services, we proactively identify new solutions to help you meet your goals.

We believe that our business reviews demonstrate our investment in the success of your company. And that’s what establishes Kamps Pallets as a partner, rather than just another vendor. Ready to see what value Kamps can bring to your company? Request a quote today and let’s begin our partnership.

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