Why Use Recon Pallets?

Understanding the pallet market is our job at Kamps. We keep ourselves continuously updated about things like hardwood availability, ​ world pallet availability​, and the price of nails​ so that we can continue to provide our customers with pallets that are reliable and competitively priced. But sometimes customers have questions about the terms we use for the different types of pallets we can make available to them. One of these is the recon pallet.

What exactly is a recon pallet (reconditioned pallet)?

A recon pallet is a used pallet that has been repaired in order to pass through another cycle or cycles of use. New pallets that over time become damaged in shipping will get repaired by our Kamps team, and from then on they are labeled a recon pallet.

What are the advantages of ​ recon pallets?

Well, for one, the wood is drier. This is because the lumber is no longer as fresh. Believe it or not this older, dryer wood is stronger and can weather more use. It has to stack as well as a new pallet and it has to be up to the same job, or we won’t put it out there for use.

Another advantage is that recycled wood is, of course, an ​ environmentally friendly​ choice. For every 225 recycled pallets used, an acre of trees is not cut down. Finally, recon pallets are a less expensive shipping choice. Because new wood doesn’t have to be purchased to make the pallet, pallet recyclers can offer it to their customers at a discounted rate. It’s true that pallet recycling requires careful management of resources and good organization skills, but that is what our employees are good at and what we pay them to do!

As a pallet customer why should you ask about recon pallets? For all the above reasons, of course. Saving money, saving the environment, and getting stronger pallets all at once? What a good deal. If you have any questions about the kinds of pallets your company is using or could be using, call us at Kamps today. We will be happy to talk to you about your options.

Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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