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Landscape Solutions Done Better

Since 1973, Kamps Pallets has been focused on making the best use of our resources. We are committed to the preservation of our natural resources in particular. This led to the development of the Kamps Wood Resource Solutions team in 1990.

For more than three decades, our Wood Resource Solutions team has been on the leading edge of industry-wide efforts to conserve and protect our precious natural resources. They oversee the transformation of our pallets into new landscaping supplies.

Kamps wood resource employee in front of pile of pallets

We Conserve & Protect Our Natural Resources

We Extend The Life of Pallets and Wooden Products

We Offer & Produce High Quality Products

We Keep Our Cities and Municipalities Clean And Safe


Programs for both environmentally conscious businesses and those looking to explore new cost-saving measures.

Processed Bark

When you're done with your pallets, let us know. Kamps Pallets gives fair market price for specific pallets in good condition.


Kamps provides labor, expertise, and equipment directly at your facility for a comprehensive solution like no other.

Shredding Services

Kamps Wood Resource Division offers off-site shredding services that transform large piles of pallets, timber, and brush into shredded mulch.

Our shredding services are mobile and only available in the state of Michigan.


When wood isn't suitable for mulch or other landscaping products, we turn it into biomass and ship it to cogeneration energy plants.

Biomass is readily available as a renewable energy source, carbon neutral, and less expensive than fossil fuels.

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