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What a Kamps Career Means

An Investment In Your Future

We believe the talented individuals that make up the Kamps Pallets team are our biggest asset.

Entry level and experienced positions alike benefit from “Kamps University” – a personal development framework for our high-potential employees.

We continuously groom the talent found in our current employees to grow their skills professionally and make our team stronger. Hiring from within is important to us, and there are always opportunities for advancement and promotion.

Exceeding expectations through hard work is always recognized and rewarded.


Over the course of 45 years and thousands of employees, we have outlined three common traits that ensure a long and successful career at Kamps.



Positions available at Kamps are extremely rewarding for those individuals that like to work hard and are self-driven to achieving goals.  

Kamps Employee B3


At Kamps, there are many opportunities for growth - no matter what career path you are in currently. Our employees are continuously encouraged to learn and grow their careers. 

Kamps Employee Smiling


At Kamps, we believe that a positive attitude is imperative to a long and successful career.

Great Pay & Benefits

We offer competitive benefits for full-time employees: health, dental, vision and life insurance, 401k retirement, holidays, and accrued vacation time.

Rewards & Recognition

At Kamps, we love hard-working employees because we work hard ourselves. Because of this, we recognize the effort you put into your job and reward your efforts.

Work-Life Balance

A Kamps Pallets job will help you provide for your family, but we also believe that spending time with them is important. That is why at Kamps we promise to make family time a priority.


A Kamps career is rewarding both personally and professionally.

Kamps employees outside of office
National Doughnut Day at Kamps Pallets!
Close up of doughnuts for national doughnut day at Kamps
National Doughnut Day at Kamps
Kamps Employees in lunch-room
Welcoming our new employees with Waffles!
close up of
Welcoming our new employees with Waffles!
kamps employees fowling
Having fun fowling in Grand Rapids!
Kamps pallet repair employees outside
Everyday life at Kamps
Kamps Employees sitting down
Kamps Thanksgiving
Kamps employee being rewarded at a summit
We recognize our employees for their hard work.

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