Environmental Impact: Kamps Green Scorecard for 2021

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As the premier national pallet recycler, Kamps has a positive and measurable impact on our environment. We are excited to announce that this environmental impact reached landmark levels this past year, with Kamps recycling over 200,000,000 pallets in 2021.

We reached this milestone through our carefully constructed pallet reconditioning, remanufacturing, and recycling programs. The impact of these programs can be seen in a variety of “Environmental Metrics”.

These “Environmental Metrics” can be found in our Green Scorecard and include:

  • Trees Saved
  • Landfill Avoidance
  • Carbon Emission Off-Sets

A 2020 UL® certified Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), published by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association (NWPCA), determined that simply repairing a pallet contributes 12 times less Global Warming Potential (GHG emissions) than building a new pallet.

Through late-stage recycling initiatives, such as biofuel generation, Kamps also helps create Green (Carbon Neutral) Energy.

To learn more about the life-cycle of our pallets, you can read our Sustainable Pallet Cycle article.

A Milestone Year

Kamps experienced a milestone year in 2021 on many fronts. From our strategic acqusitions to increased demand for used pallets. These achievements and conditions only increased our pallet recycling operations and positive environmental impact.

This past year, the number of pallets we recycled reached an all-time high as Kamps experienced a 180% increase in pallets recycled from the previous year.

Read Our Environmental Sustainability Report

The world around us continues to change, find out how Kamps' innovative spirit is helping us meet sustainability goals and how we can help your organization reach its own.

Drivers of Increased Recycling

Increased Output & Capacity

One of our key points of emphasis at Kamps is Operational Excellance. We use our vast internal resources, such as our Continous Improvement Team and Proprietary I.T. Systems, to improve our recycling output and capactiy consistently.

National Footprint

This past year, Kamps added 23 new asset-based locations to our network through strategic acquistions. By aligning ourselves with like-minded organizations, we are able to even further increase our postive environmental impact and recycling operations.

Wood Resource Solutions Growth

Our Wood Resource Solutions team is a key component to our environmental impact. They are the last stage in our sustainable pallet cycle and provide end-of-life pallets the opportunity to give back to our planet one last time.

This past year, our Wood Resource Solutions team experienced increased demand. The team also added a new product to its portfolio: EasyHeat Wood Fuel Pellets.

Our 2021 Green Scorecard Results

Pallets Recycled


Trees Saved


Tons of Landfill Waste Diverted


Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions Saved



Our CO2 emissions saved in 2021 is the equivalent of taking 19 million cars off the road and is greater than the annual CO2 emissions of over 80 countries in the world.

View CO2 Emissions by Country Here

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