Kamps Inc. Acquires Pallet Industries Out of Florida

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We are excited to announce that our Kamps pallet family is growing once again. Earlier this week, Kamps Inc. acquired Pallet Industries out of Florida. The acquisition was finalized on March 17th.

This acquisition builds upon our core mission of providing standardized, best-in-class, pallet solutions on a national scale. The state of Florida plays a key role across many US supply chains. Our new locations will be key in servicing these national supply chains, along with local businesses state-wide.


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Pallet Industries (PI) was established in 2007 and has two locations in Florida: Deerfield (South) and Mulberry (Central). The strategic locations of the two facilities has allowed Pallet Industries to cover the majority of the state for many years, including key markets such as Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. PI specializes in reconditioned, remanufactured, and new custom pallets. PI has 115 team members that will be joining Kamps, and we are excited to welcome each of them to our pallet family. PI’s original owners, Jesus and Jose Rodriguez, will also be staying on-board to help lead the newly acquired locations.


Headshot of Mitchell Kamps
Kamps Inc. President, Mitchell Kamps

“Jesus and Jose have built a great company” Says Kamps Inc. President, Mitchell Kamps “We share much of the same values and characteristics – from having a customer-centric focus to providing opportunities for our team members to experience professional development and advancement. It was just a naturally good fit and the addition of Pallet Industries will certainly help bolster our South-East Region and allow us to better service our overall customer base throughout this region.”

The same sentiments were echoed by both Jesus and Jose, saying “We have worked with Kamps for a long time as a partner within their pallet network. We have always had a good relationship, and becoming part of the Kamps organization will enable everyone involved to better service the growing customer base in Florida.”


Where We Are Now


With the PI acquisition, Kamps now has 25 active locations, over 2,500 active trailers, and over 1,000 employees nationwide. Our national pallet network, which includes our Kamps owned and operated locations along with partner locations, stands at over 150 locations nationwide.

Our continued growth through new location launches and acquisitions has enabled us to provide our patented customer-centric service on a larger scale with each passing year. The sort of wide-scale, standardized, service that Kamps continues to build upon is extremely important in the age of ever-expanding e-commerce platforms and globally connected supply chains.


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For any questions regarding this release, please email: [email protected]

If you are located in Florida and want to learn more about our standardized pallet solutions, contact us now.

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