Custom Pallets are a Tailor-Made Solution

Our custom pallet design software (PDS) delivers a product that meets your exact needs. PDS can create a totally new pallet or redesign an existing one to conform to any set of guidelines.

Whether handed down from headquarters or governed by federal law, our custom pallets will meet your requirements. Our system analyzes your products, distribution, and storage requirements to create a pallet that is exactly what your business needs.

We have over 1,000 pre-made designs that can be tailored to meet your specifications.


Can Lead to Lower Packaging Costs

When a pallet properly supports your product, it may be possible to lower the cost of packaging needed to protect your product.

Optimize Your Warehouse Space

We take into account your warehouse space and capabilities and ensure that our products make the most efficient use of your space.

Custom Pallets Provide Better Support

Our custom design experts take into account the weight, size, and other parameters of your product. This ensures that our pallets provide the best support for your products.

We Have Over 1,000 Premade Designs

As the industry-leading experts in custom designed pallets, we have over 1,000 industry specific designs ready to manufacture.

Industries That Use Our Custom Pallets

Pallets designed and built from the ground up can solve common pain points felt by businesses across different industries.

They also add much needed flexibility and custom solutions.

Most of these pain-points arise from standard pallets not being able to properly support, store, or safely transport the product.

Custom Pallets Are Great For:

  1. Over-sized products
  2. Over-weight products
  3. Minimal storage space
  4. Products that may be impacted by federal law

If your business or products share any of these characteristics, we have the solution.

Trusted By These Industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • E-Commerce
  • Steel & Metal
  • Many More, Including Yours

Custom Pallet Industry Specific Guide

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