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I Need Pallets – Now What?


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need pallets If you need pallets and you’re looking for a pallet provider, you may be wondering where to begin. Lucky for you, we at Kamps have put together a quick guide of information to help you get started!

First, if you’re looking to purchase, know what size pallet you need. If you don’t know what size you need, let us know what you are trying to ship, the dimensions of your product, and how much it weighs.

Second, know how many pallets you need! If you are looking for a quote, know the weekly or monthly volume of pallets your company consumes. We will be able to quote a full trailer load or less than a trailer load (LTL) based on your needs. We also allow our customers to use their own trucks to pick up orders.

Next, will you be shipping your pallets within the US or out of the country? If it’s out of the country, you will need the pallets heat treated. This is an international requirement put in place that helps prevent insects and pesticides from being spread across borders.

More details: Will your pallets need to be built 2 way or 4 way for forklift accessibility? Will your forklifts need to enter the pallets from the all four sides or will the front and back only be sufficient? If you aren’t sure, check with your warehouse manager.

Next, there are 3 main types of pallets; reconditioned, remanufactured, and new. We will help you determine what pallet type you need from the information you provide us above.

Where is your pallet going? For example, if you are a food manufacturer and shipping your product to Kroger, Whole Foods, or even Meijer, they may have special pallet specifications that other companies do not. Please share any pallet specifications you may have with you sales consultant to make sure your pallet is compliant.

Reading this, you may not have answers to all of the above questions. That’s okay; that’s why we are here. A Kamps sales consultant will be able to point you in the right direction and cannot only get you pallets you need, but get you the pallet that will best fit your needs.

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