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Pallet Management Explained


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Pallet management falls underneath the category of pallet services. It is a service where a pallet company is responsible for the entire operations and inventory control of your pallet supply.

Who Needs a Pallet Management Program?

We recommend pallet management for all businesses that use at least two truck-loads of pallets per month. This roughly equates to 900 pallets per month.

Benefits of Pallet Management

A Custom-Built Program

Most pallet companies will build your pallet management program from the ground up – taking into considerations all aspects of your supply chain.

These supply chains aspects include:

  • Number of shipping points (locations)
  • Warehouse space and storage
  • Shipping methods
  • Monthly pallet usage.

A custom-made management program ensures that your expectations are met consistently and all aspects of your business are taken into account.

Consolidates Your Pallet Operations

A pallet management program consolidates your pallet operations under one roof, with a single point of contact. This minimizes the risk of pallet program “blind-spots” occurring, while optimizing your pallet inventory and return on investment. It also removes the headache of coordinating pallet deliveries and pickups with multiple pallet companies. The more locations your business has in your supply chain, the more important consolidation becomes.

Diagram of how blind spots in a pallet program can occur

Optimizes Your Pallet Inventory

With a single company controlling your flow of pallets, your provider will ensure that you always have the proper amount of pallets on hand and should forecast future usage consistently.

Maximizes Your Return on Investment

Pallet management programs optimize your return on investment on three fronts.

  1. Maximize your storage and warehouse space.
  2. Creates extra streams of revenue via pallet buy-backs and other credits.
  3. Decreases your staff’s time spent on pallet operations.

Manager of a pallet company with a hard hat and tablet inside pallet facility

Pallet Management Programs Available

Pooling / Rental

A pallet pooling program, often referred to as pallet rental, is a service where a company will rent out pallets to you from a shared pool. These pallets are tracked and recovered by your pallet pooling company.

Repair and Return

A repair and return program is a service where your pallet company takes care of the pickup, sorting, reporting,  and repairs of your pallets. They are also then responsible for the delivery of usable, repaired, pallets back to your facility.

On-Site Service

On-Site Service Programs offer all the pallet operations of a full-fledged pallet company directly at your facility. The pallet company provides the expertise, staff, and equipment on-site.

Kamps TPC™ Backed Pallet Management

A Total Program Coverage™ backed pallet management program from Kamps is a comprehensive solution that covers your pallet operations from beginning to end, while offering industry leading support within every step. Kamps manages your pickup scheduling, drop trailer management, pallet deliveries, and customer service.

Our TPC™ backed programs not only cover your current pallet operations, but they utilize all of our strengths to continuously optimize your program; taking into account your growth and outside market conditions.

Key Stages of our Total Program Coverage™ Programs

Analyze Program

Our experts begin every new pallet program by analyzing your current systems, pinpointing areas of improvement, and identifying expectations.

Integrate System

We integrate your system with our systems and standards, and launch the new management program efficiently and effectively.

Manage Data

Our data management tools and practices give your staff an in-depth look into your program like never before.

Business Reviews

Your staff sits down with our experts and conducts an in-depth review of your current program and expectations – highlighting any room for improvement.

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