Adjustments to Make to Your Pallet Purchasing Decisions During COVID-19

Adjustments to Make to Your Pallet Purchasing Decisions During COVID-19


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While we are living in unprecedented times, it does not mean that we cannot still make smart pallet purchasing decisions based on existing best practices.

As your designated pallet experts, Kamps is here to give you advice on the adjustments that your business can (and should) make to your pallet program during COVID-19.

Communication is Key

While we understand that when you have a pallet supplier that consistently delivers great products on-time, communication usually occurs at a steady pace – and there are not many changes.

However, in a time like this, developments can occur frequently and at odd times. Communicating changes as soon as the information is available is important. These changes can include developments to operations hours or volume needed. Just like any essential business open during this time, pallet suppliers are doing their best to ensure their operations are optimized. Having up-to-date information regarding your business is important for our internal optimization and successful deliveries.

Communication is also a two-way street here at Kamps Pallets. In order for both parties to be successful, we believe that pallet suppliers should have increased transparency and communication with customers just as much. Your pallet supplier should be in contact with your team more frequently during situations such as a global pandemic.

Purchase Recycled Pallets

If your business is not currently buying recycled pallets, now may be the perfect time to start. Recycled pallets can cost up to 30% less than new pallets and are budget-cut friendly. They are budget-cut friendly because of the flexibility you have in terms of condition and type of recycled pallet you buy. For example, you can choose to source remanufactured or reconditioned / repaired pallets.

Standard (often called GMA) Pallets also have different grades that vary in price. However, it is important to remember that protection and support of your product always comes first during shipping. Be sure to consult with your supplier before adjusting your pallet purchasing program to a more cost effective grade.

Finally, recycled pallets can carry a shorter lead time than new pallets. This is extremely important in shifting demands and conditions, such as the ones we are currently experiencing.

Work With a Pallet Supplier That Invests in Effective Data Management Initiatives 

Lack of proper data management during COVID-19 can result in gradually increased prices, inconsistent pricing, and inability to meet delivery schedules. Long-term health is also important. Lack of improper data collection and management can result in your supplier having to close their doors permanently – or not being able to support an increase in demand after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Data that should be collected and properly managed include: Inventory on hand (finished product and raw materials), Production schedules, labor productivity, and many other KPIs that Kamps Pallets consistently collects.


It is important to remember that these are best practices that should also be followed outside of a pandemic. However, COVID-19 does amplify the need for these initiatives and brings to light the benefits each one carries.

If your current pallet supplier does not conform or offer these solutions, please reach out to one of our pallet experts today to find out how we can help. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication and customer service, high quality recycled pallets, and industry leading data management and reporting.


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