Knowledge is Power

The Value of Data in Your Program

Partnering with a pallet company that collects and reports on relevant data gives your team valuable insights into dollars spent or received. It also holds your pallet partner accountable to program expectations.

  • Transparency

    Adds an extra layer of transparency & accountability.

  • Lean

    Lessens the burden on multiple departments internally.

  • Optimization

    Ensures that your program is optimized at all times.

Purposeful & Impactful

Data We Collect

At Kamps Pallets, we believe in purposeful and impactful data collection and reporting.

We recognize that certain data is just "noise", while also appreciating that some data may be underutilized due to lack of systems and experience.

Our industry-leading data systems, practices, and experience ensure that as a Kamps customer, you are receiving all reports vital to the success of your pallet program - backed by data collection practices that are strategic and honest.

  • Pallets Sold to Kamps
  • Pallets Purchased from Kamps
  • Load / Sort Report (segmented by each load)
  • Year Over Year Comparisons
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Product Quality
  • Labor Productivity
  • Program Specific Expectations


Our KP Portal gives your team unparalleled access to reports most vital to your pallet program, on-demand. A simple log in and a few clicks of a button is all it takes to gain access to insights and transparency like never before.

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