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With over 45 years of experience supporting businesses with pallet solutions and products, we are the premier platform for all of your wooden pallet and recycling needs.

We sell reconditioned and new pallets to customers in Louisville.

We also offer pallet management services such as pallet recycling. Where we will buy your used pallets, recondition them, and recycle any pallets that no longer meet our high quality standards. Our policy of reusing and repurposing allows us to offer more pricing options to our customers.

Our consultative approach to pallets means that our team of experts will help you optimize your supply chain and pallet program top to bottom. Ensuring that your business gets the right amount and type of pallets every time. 

For businesses that need extra support from Kamps, we offer various pallet management and on-site solutions in Louisville. We understand that growth can be challenging for a business. Sometimes it is not possible for our customers to predict shipping needs far in advance, so we partner with them to provide the solutions they need when they need them. Once the program is launched, our experienced customer service representatives provide ongoing communication for a program that cuts costs and reduces onsite hassles.

If your business's shipping operations expand beyond Louisville, our national capabilities ensures that we can provide you with pallets coast-to-coast. 

Our Pallet Specialties in Louisville

While all our teams are experts in pallets, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands.

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Monday – Friday: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm EST

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Monday – Friday: 6:30 am – 3:30 pm EST

The Kamps Pallets Difference


Our Kamps Promise

As a best-in-class pallet company, we promise to put the needs of your business first and offer industry-leading insights and solutions.

With regular business reviews we track the effectiveness of your pallet program with Kamps. These business reviews allow us to sit down, review specific program KPIs, and pinpoint areas of improvement in your pallet operations. This ensures continuous improvement and constant optimization of your shipping operations. 

We strive to deliver the best quality and value in every interaction. Through stewardship of our natural resources and optimization of your shipping process, we invest in cost-efficient measures that move your product effectively and safely.

With our signature flexibility, transparency, and experience - we are confident that Kamps Pallets is the best solution to all of your pallet needs.

Experience the Kamps Pallets Difference today. 

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