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Pallet Repair and Return (R&R) programs carry many benefits for organizations that use large volume of pallets for their shipping operations. Not only are repair and return programs one of the most environmentally friendly pallet recycling programs available, they also offer great cost-saving benefits.

Below we have identified the top 4 benefits our customers can expect from a pallet repair and return program

  1. Environmental Sustainability
  2. Cost Saving
  3. Optimal Pallet Supply
  4. Extends The Life of Your Assets

Pallet Repair and Return Programs are Environmentally Sustainable


Repairing a pallet instead of buying a new pallet, or even buying certain remanufactured pallets, is a far more environmentally friendly option. This is because repairing a pallet exerts the least amount of harmful CO2 emissions of any pallet manufacturing stage in the pallet life-cycle. It also ensures that no amount of the pallet ends up in a landfill as the entire pallet is reused.

This aspect of the repair and return programs can be extremely useful in helping organizations reach their carbon neutrality goals.

The harmful CO2 emissions data comes from a certified EPD on wooden pallets from the NWPCA. More on our analysis and thoughts on the EPD on wooden pallets can be found here.

Read Our Environmental Sustainability Report

The world around us continues to change, find out how Kamps' innovative spirit is helping us meet sustainability goals and how we can help your organization reach its own.


Pallet Repair and Return Program Can Help Cut Costs


When your business opts into a repair and return program, you are saving real cash on every single pallet that is repaired. This is because a repaired pallet costs far less than any new pallet.

Certain pallet companies will have different methods of extending these cost saving benefits to you. It is best to reach out to your pallet company directly and discuss the various versions of repair and return programs they may have available.


Optimal Pallet Supply


Repair and return programs optimize your pallet supply.

This is because R&R programs keep your organization’s shipping operations in mind while the pallets are being picked up, repaired, and delivered.

At Kamps, we make it a priority to stay in touch with your shipping and warehousing team at all times to ensure that your pallet supply is fully covered at all times. If for some reason there is a sudden increase in demand for pallets, we will inject other recycled pallets from our vast resources to cover the demand.


Extends The Life of Your Assets


Pallets are valuable assets to your shipping operations. Pallet repairs can double or triple the life of your pallets. This life extension allows your supply chain to be more profitable. If the repairs are being done by experts, you may also be able to sell your pallets once your business has no use for them anymore.



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