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Top 3 Ways to Recycle Pallets With Kamps


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Pallet recycling programs are vital to any organization that utilizes pallets for shipping operations. Not only does recycling pallets potentially bring benefits such as additional revenue streams to your organization, it also has a positive impact on our planet.

As the experts in pallet recycling for over 45 years, Kamps Pallets has developed several national programs that are designed to extend the life of your pallets, improve your return on investment, and optimize your supply chain. We have also developed these programs to be flexible enough to tailor each one to your organization’s needs and structure. Meaning that, when you recycle pallets with Kamps, you are receiving the most optimized program for your business.

Below we highlight the top 3 recycling programs that we offer.

This list is constructed based on popularity, benefits, and flexibility. It is important to note that all of our services and programs are tailor-made for our customers and may differ based on your needs and expectations.

Recycle Pallets With Our Pallet Pickup and Management Programs


Our pallet pickup and management programs are the most popular program we offer at Kamps Pallets.

These programs are popular for various reasons – some of which include:

  1. Inherit flexibility of the programs
  2. The potential return on investment from Kamps purchasing pallets
  3. Kamps data capabilities and reporting.

A standard pallet pickup and management program consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Pallet Pick up

Kamps picks up your pallets on-time, and efficiently. For organizations that recycle a large amount of pallets, Kamps has the ability to drop trailers and swap trailers for an even more efficient process.

Step 2: Pallet Sorting

Pallet sorting is the act of taking a load of pallets and sorting them into predetermined categories such as size and quality / grade. Sorting helps both the pallet company and the customer get an idea of exactly what kind of pallets the load contained and how valuable the pallets are.

Due to our integrity and ethics, Kamps is trusted by many of the largest businesses in the United States to sort their outbound pallets and report on loads received.

Step 3: Reporting

Kamps offers industry leading data management and reporting on pallets received, collected, and paid. These reports are available through traditional e-mail communication, regular business reviews, or our new KP Portal.

At Kamps, our reports are detailed and highlight the following:

  • Amount of pallets received
  • Category of pallets
  • How valuable each load actually is

Our new, soon to be available, KP portal makes these reports available within 48 hours, wherever your employees have access to internet, with a simple log-in; enabling your staff to focus on more important internal tasks, and allowing our experts to take care of the pallets.

To preview our KP Portal, watch our video below

Recycle Pallets With Efficiently With Our On-Site Programs

Our on-site pallet experts will take care of everything from the sorting process to pallet repair.

Not only does our on-site pallet management service ensure your inventory levels are in order, but it also helps improve your productivity and can potentially create additional revenue streams in pallets purchased – while you concentrate on your core competencies.

Steps to a successful on-site program:

Step 1: Program Consultation

The program beings with an on-site consultation with one of our pallet experts. During this process we will look at your current situation, highlight areas of improvement, and pinpoint our customer’s recycling expectations.

Step 2: Planning Process

After the consultation, our pallet experts will draft an initial proposal of your on-site program and work with your staff on the logistics of the program.

Step 3: Program Implementation

Once all final details are in place, Kamps will begin implementing our labor, initiatives, equipment, and anything else needed to improve your business’s recycling program.

Kamps employee repairing a pallet Make The Most Out of Your Current Inventory With Our Repair & Return Programs


Our repair and return programs are comprehensive and follow standardized protocols to deliver superior pallets.

As your pallet experts, Kamps takes care of the entire process from start to finish.

A standard repair and return program will contain the following steps:

  1. Kamps picks up your used pallets on-time and efficiently
  2. Kamps performs quick and effective repairs to the pallets to return them to usable condition
  3. We count and report on the total number of pallets collected, pallets repaired, and scrap pallets (if applicable)
  4. Pallets are delivered to you by Kamps, on-time and in the quantity needed to successfully continue operations.



Recycling pallets is an important initiative that every organization that handles pallets should have implemented within their organization. These programs bring a wide-range of benefits to your organization and have positive impacts on our planet.

However, simply having a pallet recycling program does not mean that your organization is getting the most out of your recycling programs. Some programs, including those from Kamps highlighted within this article, will work for certain companies and not be suitable for others. It is best to consult with a pallet company, such as Kamps, on what the best program would be for your organization – and how best to implement the program.

Every organization has a unique set of goals and expectations. At Kamps, we appreciate these nuances and work together with your organization to build tailor-made programs that meet your goals and expectations.

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