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Going Above and Beyond

Innovative Solutions Delivered On-Site

Kamps will provide labor, our expertise, and equipment directly at your facility.

Our on-site service is one of the most comprehensive solutions and covers everything from pallet sorting to pallet repair.

Not only does our on-site pallet management service ensure your inventory levels are in order, but it can also help improve your productivity and potentially create additional revenue streams.

All Kamps Pallets on-site service programs are unique and custom-made to fulfill the needs of your business.

Kamps employee carrying a wooden pallet

Increased Productivity

Our vast experience in pallets allows us to be precise and efficient. This increases the overall productivity of your facility and other staff.

New Revenue Streams

In efforts to further increase the value of your program, Kamps will pinpoint opportunity for new revenue streams – and will share the benefits with your business.

A Tailor-Made Solution

Our pallet experts will develop a custom plan that uses our expertise, labor, and equipment to fit the exact needs of your business and optimize your capabilities.

Our Labor & Equipment

Not only does Kamps provide the labor on-site, but we will also introduce our innovative equipment and machinery to ensure optimized operations.

Learn More About Our On-Site Pallet Management

Program Details

How Kamps On-Sites Work

Through consultations, careful planning, and implementation, our pallet experts take care of all the details necessary to improve your pallet operations.

In each stage, your expectations and the success of your pallet program is our top priority.

The program begins with an on-site consultation with one of our pallet experts. During this process we will look at your current situation and pinpoint areas of improvement.

After the consultation, our pallet experts will draft the initial version of your on-site program and work with you on the logistics of the program.

Once all final details are in place, Kamps Pallets will begin implementing our labor, initiatives, and anything else needed to improve your business’s pallet program.

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