Innovative Solutions Delivered On-Site

Kamps will provide labor, our expertise, and equipment directly at your facility.

Our on-site service is one of the most comprehensive solutions and covers everything from pallet sorting to pallet repair.

Complete Pallet Management

Our experts create a unique on-site pallet program that meets all the requirements of your facilities. This includes overseeing inventory management while minimizing waste.

Improved Staff Efficiency

Let us handle what we're passionate about, so you can spend more time on what you do best. This includes: managing your pallet sorting, repairs, returns, and warehouse maintenance.

Utilize Our Equipment & Expertise

Take advantage of our own world-class machinery and a versatile team, trained to always search out ways to bring greater value to your supply-chain.

The Flexibility & Resources You Need to Scale

We want your business to grow and with our customizable on-site programs, we can adapt and scale to meet your ever-changing demands.

Benefits of a Kamps On-Site Program

Custom On-Site Program

Kamps will collaborate with you to co-design a flexible on-site program that precisely meets the needs of your facilities.

The program is customized to ensure your DC staff can focus on essential business activities, while Kamps provides trained staff and equipment as required.

National Reach

Kamps offers nationwide coverage, extending support to your DCs across the United States, no matter where you are located.

Our private fleet and company-owned locations, working as support locations, are there to support you every step of the way as you scale.

Streamlined Results:

Achieve your KPIs and pallet revenue targets effortlessly, without the hassle of managing labor and logistics.

Kamps handles on-site pallet and warehouse management, optimizing pallet inventory levels, reducing waste, maximizing pallet revenue, and taking care of various warehouse tasks at your DCs.

Pallet Core Sales

Kamps manages the sales of excess or unneeded pallet cores, streamlining the process and maximizing revenue potential.

Home Improvement Retailer: On-sites Lowers Costs & Improves Efficiency

Through a well-managed Total Pallet Management (TPM) program that consisted of on-site sorting and repairs, Kamps was tasked with lowering per pallet costs and improving efficiency.

The results were cost savings on each pallet and much lower asset turnaround time.

Experience the Kamps Difference today

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