How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Pallet Recycling Program

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The general benefits of wood pallet recycling are:

  • Potential increase to ROI based on pallet value
  • Environmentally sustainable outcomes
  • Optimized warehouse space
  • Improved flow of operations

However, in order for your organization to receive the maximum value from these benefits, you need a pallet recycler that goes above and beyond.

This is done by building purposeful value, in key areas, that maximize the benefits and outcome for your organization.

Definition of purposeful

1: having a purpose: such as

As the leading national pallet recycling company, Kamps actively manages thousands of recycling programs across the nation. We are the experts in delivering maximum benefits to our customers through this strategy of value building.

When we dig deeper into what makes our pallet recycling programs valuable, we find that there are three characteristics that drive the most value: Customer Care, Capabilities, and Knowledge.

In this article, we cover each of these characteristics and provide concrete examples of the value that is created as a result. We also provide questions that can be used to measure the current level of value you are receiving.

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Your Pallet Recycler’s Quality of Care Drives Value

The quality of care your pallet recycler provides to your organization is vital to receiving the full benefits of a program. This begins with providing customer service with a purpose.

There are three components to customer service with a purpose:

  1. Having the experience and knowledge to set beneficial service expectations (in other words, knowing what to “care” about).
  2. Instilling genuine care for the service expectations into all employees that play a role in the program (from Fleet Operators to Customer Service staff).
  3. Acting intentionally upon those service expectations.

Questions You Can Ask to Measure Quality of Care and Service

Does the Customer Service team respond with a sense of urgency?

Pallet recycling programs, especially multi-site programs, are fast-paced. Response times affect timely trailer swaps and the overall efficiency of your operations.

Your pallet recycler’s customer service team should respond with a sense of urgency and genuine care.

How does the Customer Service team respond when something goes wrong?

No single program is perfect. Challenges and difficult situations can arise.

When something goes wrong, your pallet recycler should respond with a sense of urgency, have an actionable resolution plan, and make a conscious effort to avoid repeat occurrences.

Is there someone you can reach out to at all times?

Your supply chain never stops, and neither should your pallet program.

While the time it takes to reach a resolution may vary during evening hours, your pallet recycler should be able to put a “game-plan” together and respond even after regular hours.

What level of transparency does your program have?

While the transparency of your program can vary based on many factors, your pallet recycler should have the tools and ambition to provide the level of transparency you are comfortable with.

Is your recycler an active partner in your environmental sustainability strategy?

Environmental sustainability is a vital component of all ESG initiatives.

However, research by the British Business Bank reveals that cost and education are the two largest barriers to carbon emission reduction by small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). While these barriers are more prevalent in SMBs, organizations of all sizes benefit from an active partner that helps your organization overcome environmental barriers and achieve its environmental goals.

Learn More: Our Green Scorecard  | Kamps awarded G75 – Top Green Supply Chain Partner

Recycler Capabilities Impact Pallet Recycling Benefits

Your recycler’s capabilities are what drive the maximum level of service and solutions you are able to receive. Used pallets are stored in trailers, picked up by semi-trucks, transported to a facility, and managed by staff. These are all assets that support the recycler’s capabilities and the success of your program.

White pallet recycling truck and trailers parked at loading dock
Kamps Pallet Recycling Fleet | 6,000+ trailers in national fleet

The capabilities of your pallet recycler is also a vital component to the quality of service and care that can be provided. The desire to provide great customer service is only one half of the equation. The ability to actually deliver that quality of service rests solely on the capabilities of the recycler.

Questions You Can Ask to Measure Your Recycler’s Capabilities

What are your recycler’s data collection and reporting capabilities?

Partnering with a pallet recycler that collects and reports on relevant data gives your team valuable insights into dollars spent/received, while holding your recycler accountable to program expectations.

Direct Impact of High-Level Data Capabilities:

  • Adds extra layer of transparency that ensures you are receiving the accurate value for pallets when selling.
  • Lessens the burden on multiple departments within your business.
  • Keeps your program continuously optimized.
  • Adds layer of accountability.
  • Quantifies your organization’s environmental sustainability impact.

Download Now: Kamps Data Capabilities Guide

What are their operational capabilities?

Operational capabilities add flexibility and the long-term success to your program.

Your pallet recycler should have the capabilities to handle large volumes, at all times. They should also have the ability to adjust to changing conditions without drastically impacting the value of your program.

What is the size of their network?

The number of physical (asset-based) locations, along with any supporting (partner) locations, affects the flexibility and the long-term success of your program. A large network ensures that market conditions can be mitigated, and large spikes in demand can be supported by surrounding locations.

Depending on your size, supply chain demands, and organizational goals, your pallet recycler’s ideal size of network may vary.

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Is your recycler continuously making investments?

A pallet recycler that is continuously making investments into their business is a valuable long-term partner. These investments can be towards internal staff or general capital investments.

A knowledgeable and well-equipped staff, combined with a continuously expanding portfolio of locations, machinery, and fleet / trailers, will play a key role in maximizing the benefits of your pallet recycling program.

Knowledge and Experience Maximize Pallet Recycling Benefits

Knowledge and experience are the foundation on which every solution your recycler provides is built upon. Without a deep understanding of the pallet industry, it can be quite challenging to know where and how to allocate resources to maximize the value of a program.

We can use our previous discussion on Data Capabilities as an example. The most robust data and reporting capabilities run the risk of being underutilized if your recycler cannot identify the correct KPIs or data points. The negative effects can be further exacerbated if there is a lack of knowledge on how to act upon this data.

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Questions You Can Ask to Measure Your Recycler’s Knowledge & Experience

Does your pallet recycler have a strong leadership team?

The leadership team sets the standard for the rest of the organization.

A strong leadership team should consist of individuals with a mix of lengthy pallet industry experience and a forward-thinking mentality.

Learn More: Kamps Executive Team

Does your pallet recycler have a knowledgeable sales team?

In the pallet industry, sales team members play a more prominent role than most industries. They lead the charge in the initial development of your program and are a continuous presence during the course of the program.

A knowledgeable sales team will know how to put the necessary resources and capabilities together to ensure the value of your program is maximized.

Does your pallet recycler educate your team?

Pallet recycling is complex, engaging, and far from a simple process.

Because of this, a pallet recycler that takes the time to educate your team adds insurmountable value to your organization.

As the experts, pallet recyclers are “driving the car”. However, as the passenger, you deserve to know the destination, why that destination was chosen, and what we may encounter during the journey.

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