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Whether you are buying wood pallets or selling wood pallets – any successful pallet program must have superior data management and reporting. At Kamps, we place a large importance on both the management of data we share with our customers and internal KPIs that we collect. In an effort to further improve the experience of our customer reports and data management, our IT department has developed our proprietary KP Portal data platform.

Our KP Portal is an industry-leading platform that enables our customers to pull in-depth reports regarding their pallet program – on-demand.


How The KP Portal Works

Logging into and using our KP Portal is as simple as logging into your E-Mail.

The onboarding process for the portal is handled internally. The Kamps team will create and deploy accounts for each member of your team that will require access to the portal. The passwords will be shared via safe and secure channels.

Once the accounts have been created, members of your team will log in and navigate the easy-to-use menu to access reports available. Reports are uploaded within 48 hours. Available reports can be downloaded in two formats: PDF or Excel.

The entire platform is mobile friendly and can be accessed across most mobile devices.



What Reports are Currently Available in the KP Portal

The KP Portal enables our customers to pull the most important reports available.

Pallets Sold

A detailed report of pallets sold by Kamps – featuring a daily breakdown.

Data that is included in this report: Invoice Date, Item Number, PO Number, Quantity of Pallets Purchased, and Unit Price.

Pallets Purchased

A detailed report of all pallets sold to Kamps via a pallet recycling or pallet purchase program.

Data that is included in this report: Pallet Grade, Quantity, Price Per Unit, Total Cost, and Total Loads.

Sort & Load Report

A comprehensive report that outlines all pallets accepted and sorted by Kamps – featuring a daily breakdown.

Data this is included in this report: Trailer number, sort date, received date, total purchase cost, 48×80 pallets received, scrap pallets received, odd-size pallets received, and pooled pallets received.


Download Data Capabilities Guide


Building Upon The KP Portal

The Kamps team builds upon the data featured in the KP Portal by presenting a year-over-year comparison during our regular business reviews and analyzing this data internally. Based on this analysis, our pallet experts will make recommendations and adjustments to your pallet program during the business reviews.

This combination of data management tools and expert analysis results in continuously optimized pallet programs.


Fuad Hasanovic

Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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