Who Buys Pallets? We Do!

Whether your pallets are broken beyond repair or just need a little TLC, Kamps Pallets are pallet buyers that can help find a new home or use for them.

For pallets that can be repaired and re-sold, we will purchase them at a fair market price. Depending on your location and volumes, we’ll even pick up scrap pallets at little or no cost.

Our system is built on complete transparency. Kamps will count and inspect your pallets honestly and report all counts efficiently.

No longer do you have to wonder who will buy your used pallets. Kamps will develop a program specific to your needs, all while working together with your business to ensure environmental sustainability.


Pallets Purchased Annually


Sort & Purchase Reports Generated Annually


Servicing Locations Nationwide


Standardized Grading Nationwide

Our Pallet Purchase Programs

Our pallet purchase programs are pallet pickup, pallet yard drop-off, and drop-trailer programs.

Pallet Pickup

Kamps fleet picks up your used pallets at regularly scheduled intervals. Pallets are sorted and those with value are purchased at competitive market rates.

Pallet Yard Drop

Your business works with our local plants to schedule drops off. Pallets are sorted on-site, and those with value are purchased at competitive market rates.

Drop-Trailer Programs

For high volume users, Kamps will drop multiple trailers at your facility. Your team loads the trailers and contacts Kamps when a swap is needed.

Kamps Total Program Coverage Backed

Total Program Coverage guarantees the most in-depth insights and data into what pallets we buy and sort from your business. It covers your programs from beginning to end and offers industry leading support within every step.

Value of data in your pallet purchase programs

Partnering with a pallet company that collects and reports on relevant data gives your team valuable insights into dollars spent or received while holding your pallet partner accountable to program expectations.

Impact on your business

  • Adds an extra layer of transparency that ensures you are receiving the accurate value for pallets when selling.
  • Lessens the burden on multiple departments within your business.
  • Keeps your program optimized.
  • Adds an extra layer of accountability.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that selling pallets can be confusing at times.

Feel free to browse through some of the most common questions you may ask during the process and our answers. For all other questions, feel free to contact us!

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