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In Sacramento, Kamps provides the best wooden pallet services, catering to local businesses in the area. Our meticulous detail, cutting-edge services, and unparalleled customer service during each phase of the pallet’s life-cycle. This means we are the best pallet manufacturer, recycler, and total pallet management solutions provider.

As a pallet manufacturer, we obsess with ensuring that the products we sell meet your exact requirements. We can manufacture pallets of various types and sizes. Whether you are looking to buy custom or standard pallets, we have you covered. We specialize in stringer, block, and skid pallets. Our brand-new pallets are crafted carefully, adhering to our strict quality checks to ensure they exceed your expectations. We also offer reconditioned pallets that are repaired in-house, delivering a level of quality and functionality akin to new pallets but at a reduced cost. Our remanufactured pallets, a fusion of new and reused materials, provide custom sizing options at a price point more favorable than new pallets.

Like our products, our service programs are customized to meet your needs. Our services include on-site pallet pickup, transparent pallet management, and a closed-loop repair-and-return system. If you’re looking for someone to buy bulk pallets, we’re also interested in purchasing them. Please contact us directly with product details to inquire about the market value of your pallets.

Though our service provider is located in Sacramento, we serve a broad area, with several facilities stretching up to Chico, CA, and down to Stockton, CA.

For more insights into our Sacramento offerings, please browse this page. Reach out to our experts today for detailed pricing and program information.

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With a team of experts ready to assist you, our Sacramento location has a full selection of pallets and services available. See our capabilities and top products:

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that Sacramento is home to a number of major industries such as: manufacturing, distribution, a large beverage industry, and food processing (Sacramento is known as America's Farm-to-fork capital!). These industries create a demand for a reliable supply chain to keep things moving. Kamps is the only pallet company that can exceed those needs. Our specialized expertise goes beyond building pallets, equipping us with the skills and resources to offer tailored pallet manufacturing and recycling services.

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