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Kamps is the pallet partner of choice for businesses operating in and out of St. Louis. Businesses like yours choose Kamps to be their pallet supplier because of our commitment to quality, service, and transparency. Our dedication to precision, innovative services, and superior customer support during the order, delivery, and post-delivery stages distinguishes our products and services within the industry. 

Whether your needs are for custom pallets or standard industry sizes, we have wooden pallets of all shapes and sizes available for sale. This includes stringer, block, or skid. Our facilities can manufacture up to 19,000 pallets per week – this includes new or used pallets. Additionally, our remanufactured pallets mix new and reused parts, allowing us to offer customized dimensions at a lower cost compared to new ones. 

Our Pallet Recycling Services  

In order to satisfy local demand for repaired pallets, we first must take in and buy used pallets across the local market. Our pallet recycling services in St. Louis include: pallet pick-up and collection, drop trailer service, trailer swaps, and yard drop-offs. Usually, we are looking for used 48×40 pallets to recycle. However, depending on marketing conditions, our facilities may pay for sizes outside of the standard 48×40 pallet.  

For businesses that have more robust supply chains and needs, we recommend one of our featured pallet management services.  

These services include: Total Pallet Management, Repair and Return Programs, and Comprehensive Life-Cycle Management.   

For further details on our Saint Louis capabilities, please review this page and contact our specialists today for pricing and program information. 

Our Specialties

While all our teams are comprised of experts, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands. Our St. Louis location specializes in the following products and services.

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Industries Kamps Pallets in St. Louis, MO Services

Saint Louis hosts a wide range of industries, the St. Louis Development Corporations research shows that the cities 6 major industries are: Enterprise management, Educational Services, Health Care, Finance, Manufacturing, and Wholesale Trade. Given its convenient location on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the region has a huge part in shipping and manufacturing. These industries create a demand for a national pallet company with local operations to bolster each industry's supply chain. Kamps stands out as the ideal local pallet company to meet these needs. Our specialized expertise spans across all the mentioned industries, equipping us with the skills and resources to offer tailored pallet manufacturing and recycling services.

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