Kamps Green Scorecard Results for 2020

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As the premier pallet recycling company in the United States, Kamps Pallets has made it a priority to make a positive environmental impact on our planet year in and year out. We achieve this mission through carefully constructed pallet reconditioning, remanufacturing, and recycling programs.

The impacts of these programs are tracked in our Green Scorecard and shared publicly every year.

The Kamps Green Scorecard 2020 Review Video



What The Kamps Green Scorecard Measures

The greatest environmental impact our pallet recycling programs have can be broken down into three categories:

  • Number Trees Saved
  • Metrics Tons of CO2 Emissions Saved
  • Tons of Landfill Waste Diverted

By reusing a pallet, whether that pallet is repaired, remanufactured, or ground into Mulch, Bark, and Biomass, we are ensuring that the need for new lumber is minimized. We are also releasing a less amount of CO2 emissions, as the volume of green house gases released by manufacturing a new pallet is 5 times greater than repairing or remanufacturing a used pallet – as reported by the certified EPD for U.S. Wooden Pallets. Lastly, we are keeping pallets out of the landfill by extending the pallet’s life or repurposing it into a new product with the aid of our Wood Resource Solutions team.


The Results of The 2020 Kamps Green Scorecard

By recycling over 70 million pallets in 2020, Kamps Pallets has saved:

  • 3,590,370 Trees
  • 1,920,380 Metrics Tons of CO2 Emissions (equivalent to over 6,550,000 cars taken off the road)
  • 1,404,830 Tons of Landfill Waste


2020 Kamps Green Scorecard Results

National Commitment

A large component to our success in the pallet recycling realm in the past year has been a unified commitment by all our locations nationwide.

To put into perspective how this commitment looks like and how much effort each location puts into pallet recycling on a consistent basis, we have broken down below how many pallets each area (or city) recycles on average every month.


Grand Rapids, MI Kalamazoo, MI Niles, MI
700,000+ Pallets 70,000+ Pallets 200,000+ Pallets
Louisville, KY Atlanta, GA Charlotte, NC
150,000+ Pallets 400,000+ Pallets 800,000+ Pallets
Columbus, OH Versailles, OH Detroit, MI
625,000+ Pallets 245,000+ Pallets 1,000,000+ Pallets
Indianapolis, IN Erlanger, KY Lansing, MI
800,000+ Pallets 275,000+ Pallets 625,000+ Pallets

Disclaimer: These figures are monthly averages and estimates, therefore they may not directly reflect each area’s figures. For easier viewing, certain areas may have multiple locations. These areas with multiple locations include: Grand Rapids, MI, Charlotte, NC, Indianapolis, IN, Detroit, MI, and Lansing, MI. 


Infographic of how many pallets kamps recycles per month

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