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3855 S Lima St., Denver, CO 80239

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Our Kamps locations in Denver, Colorado specializes in pallet recycling solutions and pallet manufacturing.

We recycle wooden pallets of all sizes. We repair and refurbish standard 48x40 GMA pallets, and teardown the custom size wooden pallets into usable components. These usable components are then used to build like-new remanufactured pallets. Due to our size, resources, and local care, Kamps is the premier pallet recycler in the area. With two locations in close proximity, and hundreds of trailers available, Kamps has the ability to recycle pallets at any volume and the flexibility to meet evolving demands.

Kamps also sells new and used wooden pallets to businesses in Denver, CO. Relying on our size and capabilities, we have the ability to manufacture our products at high volumes, with industry-leading attention to quality and service.

For businesses in the area with large quantities of inbound and outbound shipping, Kamps offers Total Pallet Management services.

Resources Available at This Location

  • Two facilities in close proximity.
  • Hundreds of Trailers Available.
  • Expert Quality Control Protocols.
  • Nearby Locations to Provide Support.
  • Meet Service Requests Within 24-48 Hours.
  • Single Customer Service Point of Contact.

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Virtual Tour of Our Facility

Our Virtual Tour gives you a glimpse into the everyday pallet operations here at our Denver facility. With an experienced local staff, our Denver facility is one of our most efficient locations when it comes to pallet recycling and manufacturing.

This facility is also unique because it has the capabilities to serve the entire state of Colorado.


Our Specialties

While all our teams are comprised of experts, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands.

Our Denver locations offer one of the most robust selection of pallet services in Colorado.

Contact Information

Primary Address

3855 S Lima St, Denver, CO 80239

Second Location Address

20901 E 32nd Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80011




[email protected]

Business Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm MST

Shipping & Receiving Hours

Monday - Friday: 7:00am - 4:00 pm MST

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