Repair and Return Program

Let Our Experts Add Value To Your Supply Chain

A Kamps pallet repair and return is designed to give your organization true peace of mind and trust in your day-to-day
operations. Our experts take care of all the heavy lifting, allowing your team to focus on their main duties.

Our program handles all pickups. Our fleet picks up your discarded pallets and takes them to our facility, swapping trailers in the process (if necessary), where they will be remanufactured or reconditioned into a new reliable product.

These pallets will then be returned into your supply-chain, without ever missing a beat.

The Kamps Pallet Repair Process

Our Pallet Repair and Return process involves a thorough inspection and meticulous repair of damaged pallets, ensuring they meet our high-quality standards. By addressing issues and restoring pallets to their optimal condition, we help businesses save costs by avoiding new pallet purchases. Moreover, our process aligns with sustainability principles as we extend the lifespan of pallets and reduce overall resource consumption, promoting a greener supply chain.

Experience the Kamps Difference today

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