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Kamps is San Bernardino’s top pallet supplier and provider of pallet management services. Our dedication to precision, innovative solutions, and outstanding customer care sets apart our offerings in the market.

Whether you need standard stringer, blocks, or skid pallets, our facilities are equipped to produce custom pallets of any dimension to suit your business needs. Our newly made pallets are carefully constructed, undergoing thorough inspections to exceed your expectations. Our on-site repaired pallets provide similar quality and functionality as new ones, offering a cost-effective alternative. Additionally, our remanufactured pallets, made from a mix of new and reused parts, allow us to deliver custom sizes at a more economical price than entirely new pallets.

Enroll in a Kamps Pallet Management program to ensure that you are continuously being serviced with high-quality pallets. Our local experts will stay on top of your inventory levels and will deliver pallets to your facility on time, every time.

While we have facilities directly in San Bernardino, our fleet of trucks and trailers also allows us to serve the surrounding areas with multiple locations nearby. These locations extend our services to nearby cities.

For further details on what we offer in San Bernardino, please explore this page. Contact our pallet experts today for pricing information and to learn more about our programs.

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Our pallet experts are equipped to handle all types of pallet products. Here are the most popular products and services in San Bernardino

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Industries Kamps Pallets in San Bernardino, CA Services

San Bernardino is home to a range of industries, the City of San Bernardino research shows that the cities major industries include: Retail, Wholesale Trade, and Manufacturing. These industries create a demand for a national pallet company with local operations to provide high-quality products and services to serve each industry's supply chain. Kamps is the ideal local pallet company to meet these needs. Our specialized expertise covers all the mentioned industries, equipping us with the skills and resources to offer tailored pallet manufacturing and recycling services. For retail specifically, Kamps has over 50 years of experience servicing local and national retailers. We are the top manufacturer of Standard 48x40 GMA pallets and custom pallets. This means that we can cover your retail supply chain from top to bottom, providing pallets for transportation, end-cap displays, and other uses.

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