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We Buy and Sell Pallets in Sioux Falls

Kamps offers wooden pallet products and wooden pallet recycling services to businesses in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Our local team in Sioux Falls delivers a custom-tailored experience, backed by our expansive national network and resources. We offer direct delivery and have easily accessible loading docks for pallet pick-ups.

Our fleet of over 8,000 trailers, and pallet network of over 400 locations nationwide, allows us to ensure consistency in our service and industry leading quality of service.

Our standardized approach to pallet operations also ensures that whether you are buying or selling pallets from Kamps you will receive the same quality of products every time.

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Resources Available at This Location

  • 120,000 Sq. Ft. Facility.
  • Hundreds of Trailers Available.
  • Expert Quality Control Protocols.
  • Nearby Locations to Provide Support.
  • Meet Service Requests Within 24-48 Hours.
  • Single Customer Service Point of Contact.

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Our Specialties in Sioux Falls

While all our teams are comprised of experts, certain locations are better equipped to handle different demands.

Our Kamps Pallets Sioux Falls location specializes in manufacturing and recycling 48x40, 48x45, 36x36, and a wide-range of custom size wooden pallets. We manufacture and recycle styles ranging from stringer pallets to block and skids.

Learn more about our products and services from the links provided, and contact our locations directly for pricing and service details.

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