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Kamps, one of the nation’s largest pallet recyclers, is pleased to announce that we are official partners of Next Cycle Michigan.

Next Cycle Michigan is the first of its kind initiative in Michigan that leverages public and private investment in Michigan’s recycling and waste recovery system so that materials that once were destined for the landfill instead circulate within Michigan’s economy.

Kamps is excited to lend our expertise and resources to help overcome pallet recycling challenges many businesses face in Michigan. Together with Next Cycle, we are looking forward to launching new projects that will ensure a more circular economy in Michigan for all businesses.



Our Pallet Recycling Impact in Michigan

Kamps Pallets was founded in West Michigan in 1973.

Since then, we have become the largest pallet recycler in Michigan – and became a national company with over 35 asset-based location in the United States. While we have grown immensely over the past 48 years, supporting the local economies of every state we have a physical footprint in continues to be one of our priorities.

With our pallet recycling efforts, Kamps supports all major Michigan industries. These industries include: automotive, advanced manufacturing, and medical device technology.

Through our pallet recycling programs, Kamps ensures that our customers and vendors benefits from the following:

  • Clean and fully utilized warehouse space
  • Optimized flow of pallets
  • Optimized supply chain and shipping flow, with pallets available when needed
  • Decreased environmental impact

In 2020, Kamps recycled over 31,300,000 pallets in Michigan. These pallet recycling efforts not only ensured an optimized supply chain and operations for our customers, but they also impacted our environment.


By recycling 31,300,000 pallets in Michigan in 2020, we helped save

    • 1,645,636 Trees
    • 880,202 Metric Tons of CO2 Emissions
    • 579,050 Tons of Landfill Waste


The Environmental Impact of Pallet Recycling

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) published by the NWPCA, in conjunction with the Pallet Found and the U.S. Forest Service’s research wing (U.S. Forest Product Lab), has found breakthrough evidence that proper pallet recycling practices have the potential to make the wooden pallet a carbon-neutral product. The wooden pallets EPD also provides concrete evidence on the amount of carbon emissions saved by recycling and repairing a pallet, rather than building new.

Our Michigan Locations

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