What The Acquisition of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc. Means For Our Stakeholders

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In late June, Kamps finalized the acquisition of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc and its family of companies. These companies include: BDL Supply, H&S Forest Products, Palnet USA, and Easy Heat Wood Pellets. As a result of the acquisition, Kamps is now one of the largest wooden pallet recyclers and manufacturers in the United States.

More importantly, this acquisition establishes a single, comprehensive, and customer-centric platform in the pallet and packaging industry that has the capabilities, commitment, and expertise to provide value to all supply chains – coast to coast.

Kamps, Inc. stakeholders will now benefit from our increased number of locations, resources, and value-added pallet and packaging service capabilities.

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Our New Network

With the addition of Buckeye Diamond Logistics’ locations and operations, Kamps, Inc. now has over 35 asset-based locations, 30 on-site operations, and 300 partner locations. We now have a physical presence in over 15 states, along with capable partners in every major market in the United States. Our new network allows us to bring our patented customer-centric approach to pallets to every industry and supply chain in the United States.

Kamps, Inc. + Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc.

  • 35+ Asset-Based Locations Nationwide.
  • 30+ On-Site Operations Nationwide.
  • 300+ Partner Locations Nationwide.

Our Bolstered Capabilities

The acquisition of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc. further bolsters our pallet recycling and manufacturing capabilities, while diversifying our overall product offerings. With these enhanced core capabilities and new product offerings, Kamps is now a comprehensive solutions provider for all supply chains across the United States.

Benefits For Our Stakeholders

Benefits Our Customers Can Expect

Our customers will greatly benefit from our increased capabilities and resources, our improved network, and a more robust support system with a customer-centric BDL team joining the fold.

Our increased capabilities and resources will further improve our ability to overcome customer-specific supply chain and inventory challenges, along with allowing us to fast-track latest innovations and support systems.

Our new and improved network will improve the overall experience for local customers. Also, with over 35 asset-based locations nationwide, the resources to deploy on-site operations almost anywhere, and over 300 partner locations, our national customers will experience a stronger level of standardized service.

Last, a customer-centric BDL team joining Kamps will ensure that all operations, services, and innovations are supported with our customers’ best interest in mind.

Kamps is now, truly, the platform for customer service for all supply chains.


Benefits Our Vendors Can Expect

With an improved network and increase in resources, current vendors selling pallets to Kamps will benefit from our ability to recycle pallets are an even higher volume, at an increased number of locations.


Benefits Our Partners Can Expect

The acquisition of Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc. will increase the diversity of our customer-base, along with our resources. These two conditions should result in more diverse projects for our partners, along with the opportunity for an increase in overall collaboration.


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Learn More About Buckeye Diamond Logistics, Inc. Family of Companies


BDL Supply

Since 1968, BDL Supply has provided innovative packaging solutions to numerous customers in many different industries. Based in South Charleston, Ohio, BDL Supply is a full-service pallet and packaging provider with additional locations in Atlanta, Cincinnati, Columbus, Ohio, Indianapolis, Marysville, Ohio, and Philadelphia, strategically established to provide service and products throughout the United States. BDL Supply is dedicated to quality, innovation and service, offering national solutions across the United States through our asset-based operations and partners.
Learn more: BDL Supply Website


H&S Forest Products

H&S Forest Products has 20 employees with sales consultants located throughout the Midwest, South and Southeast. H&S serves customers in more than 30 states and partners with more than 500 different wooden packaging manufacturers. H&S employees have more than 150 years combined experience in the wooden pallet and packaging industry, and are recognized experts in pallet design, using Pallet Design System® (PDS) software.

Learn More: H&S Forest Products Website


Palnet USA

Boasting decades of experience as a pallet distributor, PALNET is North America’s largest private pallet network, supplying over 125 million wood and plastic pallets across the U.S. each year. PALNET offers a complete range of new, recycled and custom pallets, as well as comprehensive pallet programs that include retrieving, reconditioning, and reissuing pallets.

Learn More: Palnet USA Website



Easy Heat is a leading U.S. producer of Premium Grade Wood Fuel Pellets that provides an environmentally conscious way to effectively heat homes and businesses. As a biomass energy company, EasyHeat is dedicated to utilizing innovative technologies and processes to deliver sustainable fuel sources to our customers that optimize efficiency while reducing waste.

Learn More: EasyHeat Website

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Fuad is the Brand Management Specialist at Kamps. He is experienced in Thought Leadership Marketing and Blogging, and holds an MBA from Davenport University.


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