White Paper: National Pallet Recycling Solutions for Groceries & Retail

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Pallets are the backbone of the supply chain.

Without the pallet, a product cannot move through your supply chain or reach its final destination. This importance is highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, where certain products in the grocery and retail sector are facing potential delays due to a shortage of pallets.

Just as the availability of a usable pallet is important, so is the manner in which your organization recycles the pallet after it has served its purpose.

Partnering with a capable pallet recycling company that understands your organization’s expectations and can optimize your pallet recycling program can improve your bottom-line and the efficiency of your warehouse.

In this white paper, we cover in detail the value our recycling programs provide to your entire supply chain and illustrate the important role our support systems play in your pallet program.

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We Add Value To Your Supply Chain Through Comprehensive Systems & Solutions

Kamps recycles and manages over 200,000,000 wooden pallets every single year.

A majority of the wooden pallets we recycle are 48×40 GMAs (Grocery Manufacturers Association) from groceries and retailers across the entire continental United States.

Our pallet recycling programs are trusted by many groceries and retailers because of our comprehensive, total value added, approach to our custom recycling programs. Our programs take into account your entire supply chain and are built around your specific challenges and expectations.

The Value of Our Custom Pallet Recycling Solutions

Cost-saving Processes

From our data capabilities to our innovative solutions, our top priority is to add cost saving benefits to your supply chain by making your internal processes as lean as possible.

Reliable Counts & Credits Systems

Our audited sort processes and systems provide industry-leading transparency into counts and credits. This creates a reliable system you can trust.

Efficient Transportation Processes

We appreciate the fast-paced nature of your industry and have systems in place that make trailer swaps, pick-ups, and deliveries as efficient and timely as possible.

We Provide Solutions Nationally

Due to our size, resources, and expertise – we are able to develop and implement innovative solutions that solve your biggest challenges on a national scale.

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The Support Systems That Enable Our Solutions

Our support systems are the pillars on which our comprehensive, total value added, approach to pallet recycling stands on.

These support systems include:

  • Data Capabilities
  • Reliability
  • Innovations
  • Our National Network

Our Data Capabilities

Kamps data and reporting capabilities are industry leading.

We collect, and report, all data vital to your recycling program.

Some of these reports include daily or weekly load reports. We also collect and monitor internal KPIs. This ensures that your program is fully optimized on our end as well.

Our custom KP Portal that gives your team 24/7 access to all of this data at the touch of a button – adding an additional layer of transparency to our integrity backed counting system. All of these systems and portals are protected and continuously improved by our in-house IT department.

Impact of Our Data Capabilities On Your Organization

  • Saves Time & Effort For Your Team
  • Ensures Accurate Counts For Your Assets
  • Adds Extra Layer of Accountability
  • Promotes & Enables Program Optimization

Click here to see a preview of a load and sort report Kamps generates for each load picked up

Video: Introduction to our KP Portal

Our Reliability

Customer service is our number one priority.

A large component of our customer service is based on our reliability and willingness to serve your organization with the utmost respect and urgency.

Whether you are waiting for a trailer swap of white-wood pallets to clear up space in your distribution center, or depend on a repair and return program for outbound pallets to ship your products on – having a reliable partner that meets your expectations is paramount to a successful program.

At Kamps, we go the extra mile to ensure that we provide the level of reliability and customer service that is needed for an optimized supply chain.

We have a customer service team that is available day and night, over 3,500 active trailers nationwide, a robust and standardized quality control process for pallet repairs, and review our performance on an annual basis via sit-down business reviews.

Impact of Our Reliability On Your Organization

  • Your Products Can Ship On-Time
  • Warehouse Space is Optimized
  • Payments Are On-Time & Accurate

Our National Network

Kamps has over 400 locations throughout our national network and over 3,500 active trailers serving customers coast to coast.

Our pallet network is composed of Kamps owned and operated locations working in unison with our Kamps Partner locations to provide standardized service and products. All programs are supported by our centralized customer service team.

Our partner locations are vetted, trained, and continuously monitored by Kamps.

Click Here for a map of all our Kamps locations nationwide

Impact of Our National Network On Your Organization

  • Single Point of Contact For All Distribution Centers & Warehouses Nationwide
  • Vast Resources to Support Sudden Increases in Demand

Our Innovations

At Kamps, we have experts on staff that are tasked with continuously improving our recycling systems and operations. These experts are responsible for some of the most innovative solutions and systems in the pallet industry.

With our experts hard at work continuously developing the next innovative solution or system, you can rest assured that your program with Kamps is the pinnacle of pallet recycling.

Some of our innovations include:

  • The Urban Sawmill Line
  • National, Standardized, Pallet Repair Process
  • Green Scorecard Reporting (Carbon Emissions Saved)
  • Custom Remanufactured Pallets

Video: Introduction to our USL

Impact of Our Innovative Solutions On Your Organization

  • Unparalleled Flexibility
  • Continuously Optimized Pallet Program


Pallet Recycling Solutions For Groceries & Retail

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Pallet Repair & Return Programs

Kamps picks up your pallets and takes them to our facility. Once the pallets arrive at our facility, they are sorted by Kamps. The pallets that can be repaired are repaired. The pallets that cannot be repaired are replaced by our back-up supply of similar quality. Pallets are returned to you on-time and in the quantity you need to ensure an optimized supply chain.

Recommended For

Groceries and supermarkets of all sizes that primarily use white-wood pallets for shipping products nationally.

Pallet Purchase Programs

Kamps picks up your pallets and takes them to our facility – swapping trailers in the process if necessary. Once the pallets arrive at our facility, they are efficiently sorted and counted by our experts. Load and sort reports are then issued to your business via email or our KP Portal.

Recommended For

Groceries that use white-wood or pooled pallets, and are developing an influx of white-wood pallets on a consistent basis.

Pallet Management Programs

Our Pallet Management programs are a hybrid of our Repair & Return programs and our Pallet Purchase programs. Kamps takes full responsibility of your supply. We repair or purchase your standard white-wood pallets, replenish your outbound supply, and manage third-party pooled pallets.

Recommended For

Groceries of all sizes that use white-wood pallets or a mixture of white-wood and rental (third-party pooled) pallets.

On-Site Recycling

Kamps offers the benefits of our repair and return or pallet management programs – directly at your facility. We provide the service, expertise, and equipment to serve your fast-paced environment. Some of the equipment can include self-sorting robotics equipment, and other machinery.

Recommended For

Large sized, fast-paced, groceries, supermarkets, and retailers that use all varieties of pallets and sizes.

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